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Simply Divine

Country Home Decor & Lawn Care Services  

Contact info

phone:  240-625-3542

Fax:  304-274-1447


Payment Terms


Payment Due Date, Late Payments, and Late Fees for mowing clients

All payments are due on the 15th of the month.  After the 30th any account with an outstanding balance will be assessed a late charge fee of $35  and service will be suspended.  Fee of $50 will be required to restart service. $25 return check for non-sufficient funds (NSF) 


All major credit cards accepted.  There is a 4% processing fee



All service work in the state of WV is subject to 6% service tax

WV has multiple municipalities collecting 1% on all service work.  If you are apart of the new municipality tax in will be added to your invoice.



Simply Divine is a business like any other , and like any other business requires an income to stay viable.  Simply Divine is more that just a source of income for me personally.  I have expenses to meet every month.  Because Simply Divine allows clients the convenience of monthly bill pay for services performed previously, our cash flow is always a month behind.  When customers fail to pay on time, or at all, it adversely affects our ability to operate. 


  Simply Divine understands that some folks may be out of town on vacation, or work especially during the summer months.  Simply Divine is, and always has been willing to work with those who contact us in advance to discuss these issues.



Thanks in advance!