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2018 the year of abundance
we will not be shaken!

Hello,  Dave here along with my wonderful wife Rebecca and daughter Alexiea. 

Simply Divine is family owned.   We are divinely inspired and energized to be of help to you.  Our goal is to provide Quality & Excellence at an affordable price.  Our teams experience ranges form 5-20 years. We have all the latest equipment needed to provide "Best in class" service.


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John 14:1 

Let not your heart be troubled

The landscaping at your home or business speaks volume about you.  Poor selection,  No creativity,  and non-maintained landscaping can drastically devalue your property

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Simply Divine is here to be a help to you.

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We have the latest edger for creating or re-shaping beds.  If you like to mulch, but need a fresh landscaped edge just call us to edge before you mulch.  Check out the you tube video.

Creative | Quality | Excellence | Affordable

Flowers  make your landscape expressive, beautiful, and captivating with the right selections.  Be creative but more is not better. 

Do you consider how well your lawn looks?  Mowing at 3" to 4" weekly will strengthen your lawn & maintain a higher level of durability through-out the year.