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No maintenance can really impact your homes value.

Curb Appeal

Common Mistakes Made Destroying Your Landscape's Curb Appeal

Poor selection, no creativity , and non-maintained landscaping not only crushes your homes curb appeal, it can drastically devalue your property.  This will make it extremely difficult to sell in a very trying market.

Many from agents to appraisers contribute poor landscaping as a buyer turnoff.  Many wont even view the home if the landscaping is in poor condition.  1st impression is key!  Is your home bust or bloom?

Lets go through several key points to help establish & maintain great Curb appeal


Take time to create a plan that gives you the up most enjoyment and that wow factor "Curb Appeal"  Look at what types of plants you desire.  Seasonal or other lifetime choices such as trees.  Providing a plan will make the project flow with ease.


Grouping looks great vs. a single plant standing by itself through-out the yard.  Just make sure there is enough room for the proper growth or they will choke.  Do your homework for proper spacing and growth expansion.

The old saying is 1st year it sleeps 2nd it creeps 3rd it leaps


Be careful not to go to far out of the zoning requirements to avoid plants expiring early leaving the landscape in poor visual condition.


Refrain from loading the entire landscape with only 1 or 2 types of plants.  Mix it up  have several varieties all though-out the landscape.  Strive to obtain a 4 season color.  This way there is always something beautiful about the landscape and not where it all blooms and expires in the spring leaving the landscape boring and not so tasteful for the remainder of the year.


Make sure to maintain the landscape.  Proper weeding is required to alleviate the stress plants go under to compete for food and water.  Items that expire need removed quickly to avoid disease and in addition the appearance alone is a big bust for curb appeal.


If you have high critter traffic please select items that are Deer/Rabbit resistant.  See your local nursery for a list of all the varieties that are available.  There are also sprays and fencing that can be used to help deter these critters as well.